Saturday, May 11, 2013

[Article] KIm Hyun Joong - A Salute to Kim Hyun Joong a good son giving his parents nice house and business [10.05.13]


Only few can do such a hearfelt act for a star like Kim Hyun Joong to give such act of gratitude and love for his parents. Despite of his success he never forget to give back the love and share his blessings to his parents. What a wonderful son you are Kim Hyun Joong, my salute to you.
Enjoy the article and feel the love of Kim Hyu Joong

“Club Member the filial ’36 billion from the house to the chicken house
Member filial was released May 8 broadcast of SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ Midnight planning ‘star and mother was laid through the piety of the great star~ KHJ ‘gift my parents a nice house, two in Gangwon-choice, and has been home to the the Korean cultural construction target. Dragon 36 billion old houses, a gift to my parents’
**filial piety{ important virtue and primary duty of respect, obedience, and care for one’s parents}
★Kim Hyun Joong’s mother’s chicken house Jaksal Ilsan …


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