Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Photo] Park Jung Min - 2nd Single "BEAUTIFUL" Promo Pix

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[Info] Park Jung Min - "BEAUTIFUL" Comeback Schedule

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15.11.12 - MNET 'M! Countdown"

17.11.12 - MBC 'Music Core'

18.11.12 - SBS 'Inkigayo'

20.11.12 - MBC 'Music Show Champion' (not fixed)

27.11.12 - Yes24 Fansign Event

[Media Pix] Park Jung Min - MBC 'Show Champion' [13.11.12]

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[Fanpix] Park Jung Min - 'SHOW CHAMPION" Preview [13.11.12]

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[Video] Park Jung Min - ASAHI TV Exclusive Interview [09.11.12]

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[Trans] Park Jung Min - ” Will Greet Everyone with Real “Love” Next Year” [13.11.12]

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Re-post with full credits.

Singer Park Jung Min said ” Since debut, I have not been in any relationships, shall greet everyone with love next year”

Debuting from an Idol group as SS501, this is Park Jung Min’s 8th year since debut, recently met OSEN and said: ” Besides the 1st love that lasted for 3 years before debut, there are nobody else.  Although I have been thinking for the past 8 years “Is that really Love?” but still could not link that to love. Because it was too prudent, belongs to the type of person who does not know how to love.”

He also said ” Wanted to get into relationships, but does not want to initiate and find, how nice it would be if the prudent me can meet a girl whom will let me want to initiate to know her and treat her well, like girls who are feminine.”

Recently there is a designer who wrote something on her Facebook which causes him to be criticized, he smiled and said ” really got a shocked, recently I am always with my pet dog. I am also almost always overseas, next year will meet everyone with my real Love.”

The pet dog that he was saying, will also be appearing in this new song “Beautiful”. The MV this time will have a background of 5 different periods, showing Park Jung Min’s many different charms.

This album this time is also produced by him. He says ” Previously my image is also very Artist Entertainer, this time I want to show my best vocal, through this album I learnt mixing and also producing, just like a student modestly learning about music, really is an album with my own style.”
comprising of sexy charms “Beautiful” is a song composed by a Swedish composer, Park Jung Min personally pen the lyrics, its a British Sound song with Acid Pop as fundamentals. The song describes a man who is missing a girl whom he fell in love at first sight.

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - "BREAKDOWN" at 'HAPPY CAMP' (Preview)

can't wait to watch it...

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[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong - CENTERPOLE Fansign Event [10.11.12]

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