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[Vid+Trans] Kim Hyun Joong - Message for YAMANO 120th Anniversary [06.11.12]

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Hello, (this is) kim hyun joong. YAMANO GAKKI ssi, Congratulation for 120th anniversary. (I'm) looking forward to seeing you at concerts and events. Please support me.

[Photo] Heo Young Saeng - November 2012 Calendar from Japan Official Site

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - Message for YAMANO 120th Anniversary [06.11.12]

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[Trans] Kim Hyung Jun - SINA Exclusive Interview [06.11.12]

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Q: Greetings
Sina’s netizens, hello. I’m Kim Hyung Jun.
Sina’s netizens, it’s been a long time,
I’m Kim Hyung Jun, it’s nice to meet up with everyone.
Q: During album [ESCAPE]‘s promotion activities, can you share with everyone the most memorable thing?
Before the official activities, I had a showcase
Many people came for the showcase
Many good friends also came and participated, spent a memorable time together
It was a time that left deep memories
Besides, this showcase was also broadcast live
Through Internet the showcase was aired live, I find it very meaningful
The period for this promotion activity was rather short, thus a little regretful
But the showcase was able to be aired live, this leave me deep impression
Q: Actor Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo were cast in your MV, how did you knew them?
Many people felt that the two of them and me,
this 3 man has nothing in common, totally unable to match up
but we are from the same agency
So me as the junior sent invitations to them the seniors
The seniors also accepted my invitation readily
I think it’s because we are from the same agency
But I think even if its from the same agency helping out
of course it’s possible, but actually (they) can don’t accept the offer to help out
but they accepted readily
maybe because I’m the younger brother, so they make it a point to help me
Ji Hwan hyung and Ki Woo hyung treats me very well
They put in much effort to film just like its their own MV
The filming process was also quite tough
I’m very grateful to this 3 person, oh nope, this 2 person other than me
It’s really a very beautiful memory
Q: You’ve successfully held concerts in Japan, what touches you the most?
Actually I didn’t have many performances in Korea
Doing a concert is not an easy thing
But surprisingly there’s many of such chances in Japan
I’ve been involved in many activities related to (music) performances
Thus during August I held 9 nationwide concert tour in Japan and I felt one thing
Maybe there are not many chances to hold specialise concert in Korea thus unable to feel it
Japan fans are very passionate
No matter which city I went, especially this trip I went to Sapporo
Although it’s my first visit
But after the trip I have this feeling “Why did I only come now”
Many fans from Sapporo came
Before the concert there’s also handshake and autograph session
Many fans came for these events
It became an event that I was so so touched
It didn’t occur to me to receive so much love over there
Their love for me is way over my imagination
And also cared and supported me a lot
So I feel that their love and concern for me is exceptionally meaningful
I feel very thankful, they made me felt so happy
I’ve spent very happy and sentimental time in Japan, feeling so great
Q: Any plans for concert in China?
Actually I’ve had a couple of fanmeets in places like Shanghai
But I don’t go often
Like maybe the past 3 years I’ve been there less than 5 times, ah, less than 5 times
I think maybe only went twice
So am preparing to go to China next year
Actually I heard there are many activities in China this year end
But it didn’t progress very well
So the plans for the year end were cancelled.
Thus early of next year, intend to put my focus in China
Currently there’s plans to learn the language
And also preparing for events planning and release albums
Hope to officially release album in China
So hope everyone please wait patiently
The day that Kim Hyung Jun will use good music and acting skills
to repay everyone is coming, believe in me
Hope to meet up with everyone early next year
And also do anticipate my performances in China
Q: How do you feel of the difference between group and solo activities?
Actually other than the lonely feel when on stage
and also some bored feeling, there’s not much difference
No matter what the time wasn’t very short, it’s been about 3 years doing solo activities
It’s coming to the 3rd year next year
All these years the toughest part is the feeling of loneliness
During the process of doing solo activities
No matter how there’s regrets that five members can’t do activities together
Also felt sad
But after 3 years, this feeling is slowly diminishing
Now I’m also trying my best for my solo activities
So now I’m performing my solo activities with a happy heart
Other than the feeling of loneliness, it’s actually nothing.
Q: Are SS501 members still keeping in contact?
Of course, I’m not just saying anyhow
We have been calling each other brothers for 9 years
It’s coming to 10 years now
Don’t we have Shinhwa seniors as example
Sina can also verify, Shinhwa seniors have been together all along
We are also trying our best to be the 2nd longest group standing
Will definitely not break up
Although we are doing solo activities now,
but now is the time that each of us are charging up and be even stronger
Not long ago when Jung Min was preparing for his album for November release, I also went to show him support
Kyu Jong is currently serving his military service as public servant
I’ve also visited him
Also contacted Young Saeng and Hyun Joong often so everyone don’t feel like strangers
If there’s any unhappiness among us, will immediately say it out
We don’t like to keep it or hide it, will be very straightforward about it
Just voice it out if there’s any unhappiness
But will also make peace immediately
So we will keep moving far ahead together, don’t worry
Q: You are very active as an actor currently, any specific target?
I wish to receive a rookie award
Many award ceremony are due in next year, so might not have the chance.
But I still have the slight desire for an award, wish to get rookie award
Also I wish to receive recognition as an actor from everyone through acting in Korea
There’s many who are idols, idol groups
but are progressing well in the area of acting
There are people who are purely actors, there’s also some who are doing well in both acting and singing
I wish I can excel among them
Hope that when they are selecting cast, will look for me first
Hope to hear things like ‘Let’s give the script to Hyung Jun first’
Really wish to be the popular actor that all PDs are eyeing
For this target, I’m also diligently attending acting classes today
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will also practice very hard
Hope that I can also be recognised as an actor just like how I am as a singer
Q: When you first acted, what is the most difficult thing you can’t get used to?
Initially I was very nervous of the camera
Cameras like this current interviewing camera
and those cameras during stage performance, I’m not at all afraid
But during the filming of drama, that small little camera
have to show off all the acting skills in front of it
Can’t jump and skip like on stage, and can’t dance
Even can’t have very big facial expression
Being restricted to just within that camera frame is something very tough
Another thing is the getting along with the staff
Need to get along with everyone, but there’s still awkward moments
There’s still some bias feeling against singers
Eventually will get to know better
but this part is still of some difficulty for me personally
This matter of getting close with the staff
Actually I feel I’m quite approachable
but maybe there’s still some area lacking
But to get at ease with the camera is still the toughest part
Q: What do you usually do when there’s no activities?
Because of the recent activity as an actor
thus will often watch movies and dramas that I’ve missed out
And also will drive out for a spin
I’ve said before
I love to drive so probably everyone knows
I love cars, so will go and see cars
watch car racing, or drive to the beach for a spin
These are what I’ll usually do when I have free time
Q: Then you didn’t join the Stars racing team?
Though I like it a lot, but my knowledge on car racing is not enough
Like is like, but like and doing it well is two different thing
So I’m just liking it as a hobby
Wish to buy many many cars
Recently besides driving I’ve also started playing soccer
So I wish to form a soccer team
Currently preparing it unofficially
I’m the leader, in order to establish “Kim Hyung Jun FC”
Now is in the stage of naming the team, please do anticipate
Many stars also like to play soccer, I’m so full of envy looking at them
I also wish to form a standard soccer team
So for the establishment of the soccer team, I’m working very hard
Recently I’m trying hard in preparation of the forming of the soccer team
Q: Who are your best friends in the industry?
I’ve many friends, Jang Geun Suk, who else?
There’s a lot, but the best is with Jang Geun Suk.
Am a little too open to say that our relationship is good, but it’s the truth
But Jang Geun Suk doesn’t like soccer
He likes tennis
I’m the leader for the soccer team, I’ll operate it first
Will get friends to join in later on
There’s MBLAQ
And SJ
There’s us and those who started our activities (debut) around the same period of time
Hyungs and dongsaengs from the groups all have good relationship (friendship)
I think very soon will form a very big soccer team
Hope everyone will give us your support
Q: Do you have the thought to carry out activities with KiBum?
I wish to do everything together with him
As elder brother, wish to share everything with my brother
If there’s a chance, wish to release a duet song with him next year
KiBum writes very nice songs
We wish to produce an album together by ourselves
Acting~wise, although I’ve started acting
but I still do not have the ability to help him
because I’m also at the learning stage
No matter what is it, as long as there’s chance I’ll want to do it together with him
Although it’s not plan to do whatever together
but as elder brother I’ve always been considering to do something for my brother
Maybe will release an album together, so please show your support
Q: Any plans for army enlistment?
Been planning all along
Can’t say that I’m not burdened or feel pressured about army enlistment
But as a man, army is a place that one must go
Must serve army, but to welcome this period of emptiness in the industry
I’ve to work extra hard right now
Seeing Kyu Jong entered the army, I thought I’ll work hard too
Although I’ll also need to enter army, but since it’s after Kyu Jong
I’ve very strong thoughts that I must work hard to carve out a career for the sake of our (SS501) future
Anyway when time is up, will have to go automatically
Now I’m working hard and pass everyday fulfillingly
Maybe it’s because of this sense of urgency, then people will live to the fullest
I think entering the army is also one beautiful experience in life
Q: How do you feel about interacting with China fans through Weibo?
I’ve been updating Weibo myself, my agency also help me to manage it too
Twitter is very popular, and it’s said that Weibo is China’s Twitter
Although I can’t go to China directly, but my news can be delivered anytime
So I’m also diligently keeping it up
If everyone likes it, I’ll drop by Weibo more often
Being Weibo’s number 1 is also my target
If I’m more active, fans will also increase right?
Then I’ll be more active (in Weibo)
Will release information regularly before visiting China
Also hope that China fans will show more concern
Leave more messages and comments
I’ll keep reading them
Hope everyone will visit (my Weibo) more often
Hope that Kim Hyung Jun’s Weibo will be the top among the fans, I will work hard.
Let’s work hard together
Q: What’s your upcoming plans?
Actually I’ve plans for drama filming in November,
but maybe I’m still lacking in many areas so I’m still making full preparations
I’ll be having many performances in Korea and Japan in November and December
Plans for nationwide tour and movie premieres are waiting for me
Being an actor and singer, I think I’ll be very busy towards the year end
Will prepare for new album at the beginning of next year
Should be releasing a new album in February
Also preparing to go to China for activities during that time, so please look forward to it
Other than these, will also meet everyone through acting
Firstly please look forward to my new album
Friends in China please keep it up too
Hope everyone will keep following me (in Weibo), I love sunflowers the most
Q: Lastly say some words to fans in China!
Friends of Sina.com it’s been a long time, I’m Kim Hyung Jun
Hope everyone will take note of my future activities, I’ll be coming to China real soon
Won’t just pay lip service, I will show you through my actual actions (to visit China).
I will be even stronger when everyone shows me more love, and will go and see you (in China).
Hope everyone will wait patiently
Hope everyone will be happy and lucky even till this year end
and hope everyone can welcome the New Year happily
Stay healthy and happy, friends in China, goodbye~

[Merchandise] Kim Hyun Joong - 2013 U:Zoosin Official Merchandise

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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - November 2012 Calendar from JJUNAWAY

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