Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[Video] Kim Hyung Jun - Exclusive Interview for SINA [30.10.12]

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[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong - Arrival at Incheon Airport back from Changsa, China [29.10.12] by only leader♡

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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong - 2012 ORICON Chart Sales as of October 29,2012

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The thing that Henecians should be proud of is that KHJ is the ONLY SOLO SINGER to top SUJU & TVXQ’s singles that were released in 2012

And there’s a big gap diff too between 1st place KHJ & 2nd place Suju’s Opera Jap Single, a total of 25k gap difference (no offense here

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - HAPPY CAMP Recording [28.10.12] by willpower

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[Pix+Trans] Kim Hyun Joong - Weibo Official Site Update [29.10.12]

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'Yes..I came..It was really fun yesterday..thank you..

[News] Park Jung Min - Designer Song Hye Myung reveals she was dating SS501′s Park Jung Min? [29.10.12]

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Designer Song Hye Myung revealed her secret relationship with SS501‘s Park Jung Min.

On October 29th, the designer wrote the following on her Facebook page, “Park Jung Min, thanks for making me pitiful.” After snagging fans’ attention with the first line, she continued to reveal how she had dated Park Jung Min, and that she had continuously held him in favor but he had only used her.
In a post that she has since deleted, she wrote, “I’m human, too, so I think I’m going to beat my chest and have high blood pressure from frustration for the next 500 years if I don’t say anything. I have to live, so I’m going to reveal everything. They say time heals everything, so time will just pass on without having much effect on your work, my work or life.

Song Hye Myung continued, “You were first for me from the start. I did my best for you. I’m talking about how I withstood everything. I thought that you couldn’t help but drift far from me because of problems with your label, and your group’s albums. I was sure that I shouldn’t be a bother to you.

She explained that she had a lot of friction with Park Jung Min, and they continued to date on and off. She wrote, “You contacted me again last November, and at the time you had another problem because you were taking legal measures against your label. Even though we couldn’t date like normal people, it was a relationship where we were certain about our feelings. You tried your best, so I was satisfied.

She then said, “What was I to you? I’m not just disappointed, I feel betrayed. Was I such an easy person that you could use whenever you felt like it? I came when you called and left when you said to. When I was in difficult situations, you left me and didn’t protect me. I didn’t let that happen because I was an easy person. I treated you sincerely, so I understood it. And you told me a lot of things that you couldn’t tell anyone else, so I thought I was a big strength to you as well. To be honest, you contacted me when you were facing difficulties.

Lastly, Song Hye Myung finished with, “It’s no longer my business who you date. Just respect me. I don’t know if you kept seeing me on and off while you had someone else on your mind. I snapped to my senses because I realized the connection I had with you wasn’t real. Don’t contact me for petty things. Don’t even pretend to know me if we meet during work“.

The post has since been deleted from her Facebook, and she has instead written, “I think I said something that wasn’t worth talking about. I’m not even good at arguing.. But everyone just treats me like a mental patient.. I don’t even want to think about it.. I’m just not a flimsy person who gets upset by herself and is done with it.. My own opinions are important to me. I’m not smart, so I don’t lie. Doesn’t it just get more complex because it gets big later on? It’s blackmail…? I’m a bit strong, but what could I wish for that I’d blackmail with this????? Time is medicine. I’ve said everything I wanted, and I’m not someone who lives in a fantasy.. Have I had my revenge? If it’s like this.. I’ll delete the post.

When asked about this issue, Park Jung Min’s representative replied, “It’s true that the two are friends, but they never dated. It’s not true, and this is all from a misunderstanding. The two rarely met outside of work.

Source: Newsen via Nate, Song Hye Myung’s Facebook, and Star News