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[Video] Kim Hyung Jun - "I Love You" Drama Ep.05 (Cut) [30.04.12]

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[Info+Pix] Heo Young Saeng & Kim Kyu Jong - B2M Entertainment Artist & Location

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B2M Entertainment, located in the alley near Yeoksam Station storey small building, parked outside the nanny car is very conspicuous. The company's glass plastered with posters of the new combination Spica visible on their expectations are great.

Spica implication for the "brightest star", is gathered around a combination of high-profile girls: Yang Zhiyuan, Lightfoot Park, Golden Boa Park Chu Yin, Jin Baoheng. Yet to debut it by the media and the company placed a great high expectations, even called second FIN.KL second by Kara Lee Hyo Ri girl group. And after a career average of 6.2 years of practice, the Spica of every member of both the singing, dancing, lyricist, composer, etc. can be, might really be able to become the brightest stars of the Korean songs sector.

In addition to the new girl group, B2M Entertainment in 1998 as a young girl the combination FIN.KL captain, debut on popular FIN.KL is the abbreviation of the FINE KILLING LIBERTY, breaking all things bound to enjoy the freedom of the meaning. Live up to expectations, they also become the first Korean music an annual Songs Awards woman combination (so far only the Wonder Girls and SNSD get this honor). Lee Hyo Ri sister combination of dissolution of the national goddess debut SOLO singer's identity, and its title song " 10 Minutes " on the board within two weeks MBC MUSIC CAMP song version of the top to create the miracle of music unprecedented in South Korea on , is also her appearance, thinking a little conservative South Korea has a new interpretation of the word "sexy" and had "Lee Hyo Ri complication is the fascination and imitation of the young people of South Korea Lee Hyo-lee frenzy, almost to the extent of an epidemic, the popularity can be seen, worthy of a sexy national goddess "word. In 2010, Lee Hyo Ri with the H-Logic as the return to work after the lapse of two years, which included the song "Swing" is an open swept through all the music charts, the popularity enduring. Another man idol group SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng also signed to DSP expiry B2M Entertainment,. SS501's members each signed a new company, but because the combination did not dissolution, the members only form of SOLO, so the combination of the name of the right to use still the old club DSP. Checked the new owner, the beginning of the end of 2010, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng have held in South Korea and surrounding areas in Asia, two of the FAN MEETING activities. Former SS501 singer Kim Kyu Jong in 2011 starred in the role of the musical "Palace" Lee letter. The first VIP sold out within six minutes, popularity can be seen. In Korea after the captain in the TV series and TVXQ Jung Yunho (Musical) once again set off a "Palace" hot.

Thus, B2M Entertainment, its artist and not many, but all of them are fine, "Oh, really am looking forward to the performance of the new group Spica.

Company on behalf of the artist:

National fairy - Lee Hyori

Heo Young Saeng

Kim Kyu Jong



[Photo] Park Jung Min - "Fondant Garden" Official Facebook Site Update [30.04.12]

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[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong - Features at U-WEEKLY (Singapore Magazine) Issue 334

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[Fanpix] Kim Kyu Jong - Arrival at Haneda Airport, Japan [30.04.12] by aya

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[Photo] Kim Kyu Jong - Features at ASTA Magazine Vol.06 No.64

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[Video] Kim Hyung Jun - "I Love You" Drama Filming Site [29.04.12] by I Love Hyun

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[Fanpix] Kim Kyu Jong - Departure at Gimpo Airport Heading Japan [30.04.12]

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[Fanpix] Kim Kyu Jong - Arrival at Haneda Airport, Japan [30.04.12]

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[Photo] Park Jung Min - With DJ Angela of Entertainment Show


[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - "I Love You" Official Site Update [30.04.12]


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[Fancam] Kim Kyu Jong - Departure at Gimpo Airport Heading Japan [30.04.12]

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[Audio] Kim Hyung Jun - Music High [30.04.12]

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