To all my friends,

Wow! Today marks the very 1st Anniversary of my blog. From the time i started creating this blog till this very moment, all i feel is a great happiness knowing most of you supports me and still continue to support me in everything i do.

I wanted to make take this opportunity to THANK YOU All for the LOVE & SUPPORT!!!!! Likewise i wanted to personally thank my panda clan, eonni Malexx, Ayu & Tasha for always been there for me... and to Elva who encourage me to have and create a blog.

To all my TS Family all over the world...hehehe.. May WE still continue supporting and loving SS501 more and more...

Earlier this evening i receive a great video created by my eonni Malexx consisting a lovely wishes from all my beloved friends. Indeed, it surprise me reading such a heartwarming message... THANK YOU!!!

I myself look forward to a longer and a stronger relationship with SS501 and to all my TS Family!!!

Please do enjoy the video as much as i did...