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[Pix+Trans] Heo Young Saeng - KBS World TV Guide (Japanese Magazine)


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Flapping to "SOLO" from SS501
Heo Young Saeng

For an interview, he came to the studio at 7:00 pm on May 29, 2012.
Today, he was shooting of sitcom "I need a fairy" all day long.
And after interview of our journal, the practice of choreography of the 2nd mini-album "SOLO" and has been
waiting for him.
He has spend the "tight schedule" literally, like do transformation from actor to singer in one day.
However, he told us about his mind regarding sitcom and new songs with a wonderful smile.

★The man has a pure heart, and loving only Nara.

Q: As taken today also, the sitcom "I need a fairy" will start broadcasting in the KBS World channel from July in Japan.
Could you introduce this drama in a word?

A: Human society as seen from the eyes of our fairy came down from heaven...Is a drama depicting the episode in it.

Q: What is the role that you play?

A: His name is KAKI as a singer called "Hanryu star".
He is cheerful, gallant men.
But also the pure-hearted man like loving only Nara.

Q: This drama entertainment company has become the stage. You have played with a lot of young actors.
I think that the atmosphere of shooting is bursting with vitality.

A: Senior actors are always care about young actors can relax.
Therefore, we have taken always fun.
The shooting is warm atmosphere.

Q: Please tell us your episode of shooting.

A: I have many driving scene in this drama.
But, I usually don't drive a car so much.
Therefore, I think that I am driving a car in this drama so many times than I do it until now.
And I noticed that I can drive a car very well. haha...


Q: What is the interest of this drama?

A: This drama's theme is human society of as seen from fairy's eyes.
So, if you touch this drama with your pure heart, you may be more joyful to watch it.
And please interest in the triangle of love that I and Nara and Sinu make.

★Please wait a little more

Q: In Korea, you have restarted of activities of singer with your 2nd mini album "SOLO".

A: In this song, I told about a painful heart that feel after farewell with lover.
This album is almost Rock. But only "Crying" is R&B.
A quiet song melody is charming.

Q: I heard that you made lyrics of the title song "Crying".

A: Yes, that's true.
When I was drinking the alcohol in my house, there was the sentence that unexpectedly I wrote.
And I wrote the lyrics of "Crying" based on it. Therefore, did not so difficult.


Q: Do you think that "a singer Heo Young Saeng" and "a actor Heo Young Saeng" are different character?

A:I don't think so. I think that I will suit to the atmosphere of the song that I sing or the role that I play.

Q: It is the return as singer about one year later from your last activity.
Do you have any plan for concert?

A: I have a plan for concert in Tokyo and Osaka in July.
As regarding details, please wait a little more.

Q: You have been played an active part in a variety of genres until now.
Drama, musical, singer etc...
Do you want to challenge something next?

A: Wow!
There is not really the genre that I did not do.
And I added one more thing, I have acted as DJ of the radio program.
If I get a chance, I want to challenge the movie someday.

Q: In the last, please send a message to Japanese fans.

A: I went to Japan at the last, that is a long time ago.
But I have a plan to activity in Japan near future.
So, if you wait a little more, I will visit you with wonderful style.
Thank you always!

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