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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Leaving Music Bank After Recording [10.06.11]

his carrying a child????

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[Video] Kim Hyung Jun - Sponge Zero [Edited] [10.06.11]

cute junnie!

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[Trans] Park Jung Min - Radiating His Powerful Male Charisma in KIMCHI Performace, Jakarta

im just so glad to have jung min here... miss him!

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Singer Park Jungmin have once again proven his stand as a Hallyu Star.

On 5th of June in Indonesia, SS501 member Park Jungmin made his performance on KIMCHI (Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted Indonesia), with a huge success in return.

Park Jungmin is recently promoting his special limited edition album in Japan, which has received many popularities. He is also recognized by Indonesian fans as the representative of Korean idol singer. Hankook Sports will revealed Park Jungmin as a Hallyu Star and tidbits of his performance!

#Thank you for coming!~
Before the KIMCHI performance, Park Jungmin have attended the press conference. When he saw the media rushing to arrive, he didn't seem to be agitated at all. Instead, he went towards the MC holding a glass of water, as if asking 'Do you want a glass of water?'

#Perfect example of 8fool!
The media have focus a lot on Park Jungmin's action on the stage. With a smiling expression on his face while tilted his head to a side, he looked just as cute as the bridegroom.

#The mass attention from the media!
Many of the local Indonesian reporters have came to see Park Jungmin. Park Jungmin posed a different poses for every camera, the poses with high spirits have made many memorable experience.


#The sad emotions~
The smile on Park Jungmin's face was gone. In return, there was tears of pains flowing from his big eyes. He have melted many fans' heart using a melancholic vocal when singing. Many female fans felt like protecting him who looked so fragile.

#Radiating the male charisma!
Park Jungmin have once again performed a lively performance on stage. He used a more powerful vocal instead of the melancholic vocal before this to control the stage. You can feel his male charisma from the clench of his fist. Park Jungmin held his right hands high up in the air during the dance along with his dancers, have made many audiences to jin in the fun too.

#Put the hands around the waist!
During the dance performance on stage, Park Jungmin have put his hands around a female dancer's waist. The waist following the beat, along with the eyes slowly turning towards the floor, it have turned on the atmosphere! Many of the female fans have also let out many jealousy screams below the stage.

[Fanpix] Kim Hyung Jun - "Junnie Potter"

hehehe so funny yet so cute! all SS501 are all there... luv it

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[Fanpix] Heo Young Saeng - at Kim Hyun Joong's "Break Down" Showcase [07.06.11] by HSscandal

forever HyunSaeng!!!!


[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - "Please" MV [Eng Sub]

To: Quainte Subbing Team thank you so much! and to mah heiress in youtube sister.. thanks a lot! =)

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[Video] Heo Young Saeng - "Let It Go" MV [Eng Sub]

I would like to personally thank for allowing us to upload this vid... thanks again! and to mah heiress in youtube eonni!!! thanks for uploading it on your YT channel... luv yah!

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - "King of Kings" Strong Heart Cut Hyun Joong Called Bae Yong Joon [Eng Sub]

theyre just so funny!

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[Screencap] Kim Hyun Joong - Music Bank Comeback Stage [10.06.11]

sexy hot hyun joong!

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[Official Photo] Heo Young Saeng - Fan Sign Event [29.05.11]



[News] Kim Hyun Joong - Performs "Break Down" on Music Bank [10.06.11]

Hyun Joong Daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After being known as the leader of SS501, and then as an actor, since debuting some six years ago, Kim Hyun Joong is ready to embark on a new path as a solo singer.

Having released his solo mini-album Break Down” earlier this week, Hyun Joong becomes the fourth SS501 member to do so with Kim Kyu Jong the only one not to have released a solo album.

His title track, Break Down“, was composed by Steven Lee and is classified as a ’south urban dance track’ which combines powerful electric brass and synth sounds to create an energetic track right from its beginning phases, and has a dynamic choreography to ensure a strong performance.

He also performed Please“, which is a pop R&B track, featuring a beautiful piano melody and a heavy orchestra arrangement that brings out the sadness of the lyrics.

~~~please do note that performance video for Music Bank was posted earlier~~~

[Media Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Comeback Stage at Music Bank [10.06.11]

luv it! (^_^)

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Arrived at KBS Studio for MuBank [10.06.11]

sporty style!

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - 'Please' at Music Bank [10.06.11]

such a sexy hot guy!!! =)

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - 'Break Down' at Music Bank [10.06.11]

his getting sexier and sexier each performance!!! goodness! (@_@)

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - Music Bank Back Stage [10.06.11]

hehehe! such a short vid but brought so much laughter on me... it crack me off when he jst said break it down..down..down..down... (^_^)

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[Photo] Park Jung Min - KIMCHI Back Stage [04.06.10]


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[Sponsor] Heo Young Saeng - Fitflop Sponsor Pix

just simply Young Saeng..

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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong - 1st Mini Album "Break Down" Launch in the Philippines

awesome!!!  i luv Philippines!!! (^_^)


Filipino Henecians!

This is our chance to show how we love Hyun Joong!

July 2 will be official realease of his BREAK DOWN Album here in te Philippines.

Side note: Originally, it was planned that there will be 4 STORES included, however, it was finally decided that only 2 malls will participate as mentioned on the poster.

That makes the first 200 HENECIANS to get exclusive freebies... 

So HURRY UP and PRE ORDER NOW before its too late!


[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - Running Man Episode 46 [05.06.11] [Eng Sub]

part 3 & 4 is out.... thanks to @Cheezeemelt501 for sharing the link.


Watch Part 3 .... HERE

Watch Part 4 .... HERE

[Video] Park Jung Min - Love In Asia Episode 1 Part 2 [Eng Sub]

luv it!

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[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong - "Break Down" Sale Commemoration Fan Sign

lucky fans! wish all luck!

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This is Henecia representative.

To commemorate the sale of Kim HyunJoong’s 1st MINI ALBUM "BREAK DOWN", there will be a fan sign even on 11-June.

We hope for lots of support and participation for this album fan sign event
Please read carefully the below methods of application and important notice for the participation of the fan sign event.

<Synnara Record Fan Sign Event _ YongSan I-Park outlet, Electronicland outlet>

-Date/time : 2011.06.11 (Sat) 7:30PM
-Venue : Synnara Record YongSan I-Park Event Square
(If it is raining, venue will be changed to YongSan I-Park Departmental Store)

For Synnara Record Fan Sign Event, 100 customers each who purchase Kim HyunJoong’s 1st mini album [Break Down] from YongSan I-Park outlet and YongSan Electroicland outlet between 8-June (Wed) to 10-June (Fri), total of 200 customers will be randomly picked to attend the event, results will be posted at Synnara shopping mall ( on 10-Jun (Fri) at 11:00PM.

For enquiries, please refer to the respective Synnara stores holding the event.

Synnara Record YongSan I-Park outlet : 02)2012-0655
Synnara Record YongSan Electronicland outlet : 02)715-4380

<How to get to Synnara Record I-Park Event Square>

Please check transportation details at

<Important notice>

1. Only able to sign on Kim HyunJoong’s 1st mini album "Break Down". Though we know that you want Kim HyunJoong to sign on something else that you want, this fan sign event is to commemorate the sale of his album, so we hope you can take note of this point.

2. Please refrain from requesting for things that may delay the fan sign event. We must finish the fan sign even within a specific time, but because fans may request for P.S messages and making conversations while getting the signature, that will possibility cause delays, therefore we would once again ask for everyone to refrain doing so.

3. For the smooth progress of public broadcast and portrait rights, photo taking, video taking, voice recording, and any forms of recording are not allowed.

[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong - EASY Magazine 2011 No.61



[Fanpix] Heo Young Saeng - at Kim Hyun Joong's "Break Down" Showcase [07.06.11] by bestYS

the business class Young Saeng! hehe his so cute on his suit and match it up with a brilliant hair color! luv it!

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong - Reveals Drinking Capacity, "12 Bottles of Soju with 2 SS501 members?"

hehehe so funny! drink moderately guys!!!! =)

credits:    SSTV + (English translation)

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Kim HyunJoong held his first mini album ‘Break Down’ showcase on 7-June at JangChoong stadium and kicks off his comeback in the music scene. On that day, Park KyungLim was the host for the mini fan meeting, and in the section ‘We Know Kim Hyun Joong’, SS501 members Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong shared their frank talk.

At Park Kyung Lim’s question about Kim Hyun Joong’s drinking capacity, he replied “Kim KyuJong can drink very well, and Heo YoungSaeng certainly can drink well too. If the 3 of us drink together, we can drink about 12 bottles in total.” Shocking the audience with his words.

There were endless stories about Kim HyunJoong’s drinking. Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong even exposed Kim HyunJoong’s drinking habits “He drinks very fast”. Both of them laughed and said “HyunJoong will not be interested in a girl if she can’t drink.”

In addition, Heo YoungSaeng said “He drank 2~3 bottles in 30 minutes”, and Kim HyunJoong defended “I don’t have time and I want to play, and because I want to forget about the things I want to forget, so I drank fast. I am trying my best to fix this habit.”

 -rest omitted cos it’s repetitive of the other news trans-

[Video] Heo Young Saeng - 'Out The Club' Choreography Version


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[Video] Heo Young Saeng - TV Cultwo Show [09.06.11]


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[Fanvid] Heo Young Saeng - [HD] Let It Go [Rom+Eng]

mah lil genie in youtube is back... out from her lamp... she was so so busy but luckily she still finds time to do this... thanks Tasha! luv yah

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - [Solo Debut Stage] at Mnet Countdown [09.06.11]

wow! just cant get enough of his performance... great now its in one vid! (^_^)

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - "Break Down" Showcase Preparation Goodies by Miclub

so nice! thanks to @KimHyunJoongEsp for sharing the links.


View More Info. & Photos .... HERE