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[Video] Heo Young Saeng - "I Need A Fairy" Ep.93 (Kiss Cut) [13.07.12]

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[Fancam] SS501's Young Saeng, Kyu Jong & Hyung Jun - Filming "God of Cookery" [13.07.12] by kyudreamm

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[Fancam] Park Jung Min - "Tonight's the Night" ROMEO 1st Contact [12.07.12] by ss501makiko

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[Fancam] Park Jung Min - "Tonight's the Night" ROMEO 1st Contact [12.07.12] by yurippe

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Features in MANILA BULLETIN STYLE WEEKEND [13.07.12]

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[Trans] Park Jung Min - ROMEO from Tower Records Online

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The member from a popular Korean boys group SS501, Park Jung Min is also active as an actor. On 5th September, he had first revealed his single "Give Me Your Heart" in Japan with another personality ROMEO.

For this ROMEO, music producer Jeff Miyahara who produced songs such as JUJU and the creative director for UNIQLO kicked off the activities. Japan's representative creative director Noriyuki Tanaka took the lead and creators from Japan also participated. A different character which hid in the subconscious of Jung Min, who is fluent in Japanese, woke up at night with his uncontrollable urge but disappeared under sunlight.

In today's showcase, two songs were revealed, the first song in the single "Give Me Your Heart" and the second song to be revealed on 31st October "Tonight's the Night". The audiences were attracted by the extremely bewitching tune with the sexy dance performance.

Then, Jung Min Park appeared as a special guest. He said, "Everyone looks like me in Japan. When I heard that some people imitate Jung Min, I always think how he looks like. While I was thinking about this, I came to the venue. And suddenly, I was attacked by the sandman, and the ROMEO I met was different every time." Knowing that ROMEO was not at the present venue, MC Yumi exclaimed "No way~!" with a face of amazed expression.

"ROMEO and Park Jung Min are two different persons, so please do not be fooled." Even with precautions, he also told the story "I have heard the rumors, ROMEO's music is cool and great. He looks like Jung Min, but with very dark makeup...." When MC Yumi talked about the coolness of ROMEO, she asked "You always said you have sexy charisma, so what is it?" "You may have a glimpse of the navel in the dance. And this is ROMEO's sexy point.", he answered. "So cheap!? I think it is impossible to show the body. I don't want to show it on stage! But ROMEO seems to have a distance with sexy. Practically I feel that there is a difference between being called sexy and the reality.", he said.

[Article] Kim Kyu Jong - SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong says, “I want to eat bibimbap the most before joining the army”


SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong, the host of Y-Star’s Siksin Road,says he wants to eat bibimbap the most before joining the army.

Kim says, “I think I’ll mostly eat bibimbap while staying in my parent’s house in Jeonju.”

Park Ji Yoon says, “I know the two best bibimbap restaurants in Jeonju. They’re Brass Pot Bibimbap and Dolsot Bibimbap.” She surprises Kim by describing the menu and food in detail. She also gives location information about her favorite restaurant, saying, “There’s a great Pork-on-the-Bone Soup restaurant near this one university in Jeonju.”

At this, Kim Na Young teases Park and gets laughs by saying, “You must have had a boyfriend from Jeonju. Does your husband know about this?”

Kim also tells some anecdotes about living with other SS501 members when they were together. He says, “All members were so busy with their own schedules, so we couldn’t clean our place well when there was no one. Sometimes I went to my parents’ house because it was so dirty.”

Siksin Road, which will introduce a top-grade beef restaurant and a Chinese cold noodle restaurant, will air on July 14 at noon on Y-Star.

[Fanpix] SS501's Young Saeng, Kyu Jong & Hyung Jun - Filming "God of Cookery" [13.07.12]

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[Pix+Trans] Kim Hyung Jun - Twitter Site Update [13.07.12]

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우리 규종이랑...

Together with our Kyujongie…

[Fancam] Park Jung Min - ROMEO 1st Contact [12.07.12] by youkobee53

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[Fancam] Park Jung Min - ROMEO 1st Contact [12.07.12] by ss501makiko

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