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[Trans] Youngsaeng's Father February Interview

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Ever since Young Saeng went to high school, he became more mature and recently he is like a big brother.  Sometimes he will talk back at me.”

Heo Young Saeng in actual fact isnt an introvert and quiet child.  Although his relationship with his school mates are good, but due to that he is a single child thus he doesnt talk much at home.

“I am a Christian, thus there are bound to have some influence with regards to Young Saeng’s name.  During his childhood, Young Saeng love singing.  It was around 4 years old, when he was taking his school bus on his home, during the journey while listening to the radio station which was playing Park Nam Jung (slam10: I dont know whether my translation for the name is correct. sorry if it is wrong) song, Young Saeng sang and dance at the same time.  After we got home, I find that he is better than I thought so sometimes we will go to norabang (Karaoke) to practise, of course we did not let his mum knows about it.

As long as he is following his variety show scripwriter father to the TV station during those days, he doesnt feel like going to other places.   He even consolidated the different artistes’ signature which he got into a book eg Shin Seung Hun & Kangta.  Maybe it is due to that, Heo Young Saeng naturally love music and also his similiarities towards Shin Seung Hun.

Heo Nam Su gave birth to Young Saeng when he was 23 years old. As he who lost his mother at young grew up lonely told himself that he will treat his children well if he has any in the future.  So although he is a father at quite a young age, but he is very proud to say that he is a father who is like a friend.
Ever since Young Saeng went to high school, he became more mature and recently he is like a big brother.  Sometimes he will talk back at me.  “Dad, please dont be angry, cool down before saying anything…”
Young Saeng had his own crossroads times where he doesn’t want to study during his high school but to no avail.  He was stuck in the middle where his mum wants him to study medial in the university but his dad wants him to do stuff which he likes thus Young Saeng was very confused.

In the end, due to the distance between his school and the training room, Young Saeng chose to live alone.  Because of personal reasons, Heo Nam Su couldnt live with his son.

Heo Young Saeng received very tough training and also at the same time went thru a period of puberty.  People laughed at him saying that “You will never ever succeed”, he proved them wrong.  When SS501 got their 1st award at 2005 KM Music Festival: Best New Male Group Award, he cried loudly.  He knew better than anyone what his son was going thru, all the difficulties, thus he was very heart pain and can only use tears to console each other.

“He called me 1st, hopeful and wanting to get my acknowledgment.  Although our conversation did not last very long, the images and the feeling during that time is still very vivid till now.


“I am very apologetic towards Young Saeng.  When he was young, we moved house many times, when he was in grade 5, he cant adapt to moving from Incheon to Chuncheon.  One day, there was a huge reaction to his talent performance in school, maybe it was during that time, he decided that his dream was to become a singer.

Even though he did not really object to his son’s dream, but he did hope that his son can go to university, after graduating, go to a good company to work and live his live peacefully and ordinarily.  But he did not stubbornly stop his son, Heo Nam Su keep his hope of wishing his son to give up his dreams in his heart and went to find an old friend who is a music producer.

“Even though that he is stubborn saying he does what he says, but still I totally support and agree thus he start his training in SM entertainment.  But if he continue to stay there, probably, he will debut with Super Junior as their members.  But DSP wants to groom him and debut him as member of SS501 and he did that.” Thus his route is easier than other trainees.  Even though having fame, Young Saeng still feel lonely.
For a person who cooked ramen to eat, I am not sure whether I will be shocked or surprise.  Our Young Saeng is not a person who get sad easily.  But also hard to tell regarding the sad stuff which he went thru went he was in his teens, plus during that time his heart was very fragile….”

SS501 members are now in different companies.

[Photo] Park Jung Min @ Fan Signing in Taiwan

Jung Min at XiMenDing Red House Square.... During the fanmeet it rained, Jung Min was really touched for his fans really was with him all throughout the event....

credit: + SS501 Baidu +

02-18-2011 Kim Hyung Jun with Choco

found this pic of Hyung Jun with Choco... isnt it cute? coz i found it really cute of them and the fact that this photo being shared by Hyung Jun's brother Kibum...hehehehe so cutie...

credit:  90KKB@ twitter

[News] Park Jung Min feels touched when seeing fans waiting in the rain....

its so great for Jung Min to feel for his fans.... luv yah

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South Korea popular boy group ss501′s member Jung Min , held fansign at Xi Meng Ding in the afternoon on 19th, more than 5 hundreds fans waited in the rain to see him, he uses his chinese and said to fans “everyone, please dont fall sick” , making all the fans at the place forgetting about the cold, damp weather, feeling happy and laughing.

Jung Min feels touched upon seeing fans waiting for him in the rain, some fans even came to the venue as early as 15th to queue up, the determinance is very shocking, on spot selling of more than 400 of the repackaged single album was immediately sold out, showing the support for jung min from the fans. Park jung min will also be having a fanmeeting tomorrow.

[Photo] Youngsaeng and Kyu Jong Summer & Love Photobook

oh my goodness.... this is really so nice, i wanna say thank you to my one and only lil sister NATASHA for making me so happy now... Luv Yah always dear!!!

I just couldnt imagine how Cebu even looked so great.. hehehe i really love my place and the fact that most of KyuSaeng's photo were shot in Cebu and few in Bohol as well.... rock on!!!!

[Photo] Kyu Jong and Youngsaeng having coffee with friends

im just so glad seeing them again.... chilling out with their friends.

credit:  2kjdream@twitter

[news] Petition to preserve SS501 fan page circulating online

i really really really wish that this fan page should be preserve.... it made me sad knowing that it will be closed so soon...


F.T. Island’s Hongki recently retweeted a post by a fan about a petition to keep SS501’s fan page alive.

Although the SS501 members have gone their separate ways after their contracts expired, the members have promised on a number of occasions that they would regroup to perform at some point in the future. 

 However, the SS501 fanclub, known as SS601, is faced with closure, with the page officially shutting down on February 28th.

As such, some fans have gotten together and created a petition to keep “the cornerstone of SS501 fans” from disappearing.  So far, nearly 500 people have signed the petition.
Source: Hongki’s Twitter & Daum Agora “SS601 Fans Opposed To Closure”

[news] The Face Shop blooms this season


MANILA, Philippines - It’s Paradise Found for the Faceshop as its newest beauty looks are inspired by the soft, velvety pastel hues of spring blossoms. For “Paradise Bloom” spring 2011 The Face Shop uses two key color palettes: warm coral orange and opaque dusty rose, which beautifully suit fair-skinned femmes and dusky morenas alike.

This fresh-faced look begins with a flawless, satiny complexion, veiled with sheer skin-perfecting creams; cheeks are dusted in peachy coral or dusky pink for a radiant glow; lips are tinted in innocently sensual coral and pink hues; and eyes are smudged ever so slightly in warm neutrals, with a hint of pastel pink for a playful touch. The key is to keep the shades subtle, and the make-up texture sheer.
Perfectly lovely and light for bright spring days, The Face Shop’s Paradise Bloom looks are great for when the sun goes down, too.

Get a free “Paradise Bloom” Spring Trend make-over at any The Face Shop store nationwide. The Face Shop is located at Glorietta; Power Plant Mall; Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City; Newport City; Robinsons Galleria; Robinsons Place Manila Midtown Wing; Shangri-La Plaza; Eastwood Mall; Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center; TriNoma; Alabang Town Center; Festival SuperMall; SM South Mall; SM Megamall; SM North EDSA-The Block; SM Mall of Asia; SM Fairview; SM Taytay; SM Novaliches; SM City Pampanga; SM City Clark; SM City Bacolod; Ayala Center Cebu; and SM Cebu

[News] Park Jung Min who is still single, wrote his lyrics base on imagination

Source: 自由时报
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SS501 member, Park Jung Min to hold a fanmeet alone in Taiwan for the first time. Recently, he just released his solo album, wrote his own lyrics. He who have no girlfriend now said that: [When I’m writing the lyrics for love song, I can only base on my imagination.]

Eating all he wants in Taiwan, hugging fans tomorrow

Park Jung Min worked very hard to lose weight before releasing of his new album, visiting the gym, eating chicken breast meat, successfully loss 12 Kg. But when he visit Taiwan this time, he’s not avoiding good food, saying that the ‘Stir Fried Pork Intestine’ is very nice, next he wants to try ‘stew mutton’, he also receive many food from fans, he said while eating the jellies: [I really like eating those tidbits meant for small kids]

From 5 person to 1, he said that there is definitely a difference in the amount of fans, but as long as there are still fans, he will continue to sing. On the fan meeting this coming Sunday, lucky fans will get a hug from him, a gesture to thanks his fans.

He challenge on writing lyrics for his album for the first time, the song that he feel satisfied with is [Do you know]. It’s a song that describe the thoughts of a couple that met once again after breaking up. When ask if that was his experience, he said: [The lyrics is written with my imagination]

He will be coming to Taiwan to participate in drama filming wish that he can act in love comedy, he’s also welcome kissing scenes. He said: [I’ve watched many Taiwan drama, recently I’m watching [Corner With Love], it’s a very interesting show.]

Emphasize on health management. Nickname is multivitamin

He who’s always overseas, never forget about bringing along his vitamins and supplements. So Hyung Jun who’s also from SS501 gave him the nickname [Multivitamin], He said: [Not as exaggerated as before, but I will definitely bring along skin care that makes you look fresh and hand cream, when my schedule is tight, I will apply facemask.]

He will be holding an autograph session at 2pm today for 200 fans, he will also sing Chinese song that he have been practicing very hard on his fan meet.

[Photo] KHJ - Official Photo from KeyEast

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[news] Kim Hyun Joong off to Japan for "Mischievous Kiss"

now this is more like it... hehehe i cann see hyun joong again... yepey!!! woooooooooooot!!


Mark March 13th on your calendars…

Actor and Singer Kim Hyun-joong will participate in an event called Premium Talk & Love on March 13th. PTL will be apart of the promotional events for the premiere of his 2010 drama “Mischievous Kiss” in Japan. Fuji TV /DATV plan to premiere the drama in their country next month after the big NHK Hall promotions in Tokyo. In addition, the first episode of “Mischievous Kiss” will be screened in 12 different theaters across the country.

Kim Hyun-joong will join fellow actors Lee Tae-sung and Jung So-min at the already popular (and sold out) event/screenings.

Sources: Newsis and @KHJPerfect