Saturday, April 2, 2011

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong & JGS CF?????

i kinda dont like his hairstyle here.... soon will be enlightened for what this photo is all about.. could be CF.

credits:   S2rene

[Video] Kim Hyung Jun - "SweetRoom" (TV FashionN) [10.12.19]

i wanted this vid to be subbed before i post it but since nobody still subbed this...therefore ill post it... Ellie really is so pretty.. Hyung Jun, Kibum & Ellie's genes were so good... and Ellie is really so fluent in English wow!!!

[Video] Kim Hyung Jun - KBS Entertainment Time 'Star Life Theater Stalker Ep.2'

im really anticipates in every episode of this...wish it could be subbed soon...i may say the child in him really just shows...luv yah baby!!

credits:   Pretty Boy + kimhyungjunthailand + HJfan2@youtube

[Video] Park Jung Min - "Semi-Naked Sexy Charisma"

omo! omo! jung min...hehehe ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

credits:   NATASHA + greengardeny@youtube

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Attended A Wedding Party

handsome as ever... this is not the same wedding as what he attended today [02.04.11] kindly disregard on what i post earlier maybe because i feel so silly today.... sorry guys!!

credits: + kim_i96

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong singing on a wedding [02.04.11]

oh my!!! a glimpse of him enought to make me tremble like crazy... whoever the married couple is CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES.... congrats in having Hyun Joong as singer!!!  ^ ^

credits:   AlxShin + eednaka

[Video] Kim Hyung Jun - "Heaven" [Eng Sub]

i truly love this song from baby....

credits:   LoveKpopSubs@youtube + Saengie_C4

[Audio] Kim Hyung Jun - "Not A Different Girl but You" [Eng Sub]

awesome!!!! i just love hyung jun....fighting!!!

credits:  LoveKpopSubs@youtube + Saengie_C4

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - "HARE" Apparel Sponsor

I suddenly miss Playful Kiss....

credits: + KHJ Baidu + SS501Cafe

[Eng Sub] Park Jung Min - Like Tears Are Falling

another great video from mah lil sister NATASHA who happens to be a 'genie in youtube'... mind you she can do wonders there!!!... a lot of thanks for her hard work and great works as always... Luv yah!