Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong

i found this photos few days ago but still it mesmerize me everytime i see this....

[news] Park Jung Min off to Taiwan for a fan meeting


Park Jung Min, who recently released a solo album, visited Taiwan for his solo fan meeting on February 17th.

Taiwanese media reported, “Park Jung Min will be staying for six days, and he will hold a fan signing on the 19th and a fan meeting on the 20th.

They continued by saying, “Park Jung Min is known to be devoted to his fans and he told his Taiwanese fans who visited him to give him endless love and to stay healthy.

Fans are anticipating Park Jung Min’s stay as he will be attending promotional events aside from the fan signing and fan meeting.

In the fan meeting, he will be singing a Chinese song, which stirred the curiosity of the many as the song is remaining a secret.

Meanwhile, pop star Janet Jackson will be in Taiwan for her world tour, and since Park Jung Min is a fan, he wanted to attend her concert but could not due to his schedule.

[Photo] Youngsaeng and Kyu Jong @ Summer & Love PhotoBook Press Conference

they still looks so great....

credit: + SS501 Baidu + rainaftershine@twitter

The Face Shop Products

let me just share you the products that use in my daily busy life...thanks to The Face Shop....

My 'Face Shop' Goody Bag 

Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam ( Migamsu )

A moisturizing and brightening cleansing line with rice water and Moringa oil known as 'purifying tree' in India has very strong detoxifying quality.

Honestly, the smell is quiet nice. I think it smells quiet yummy.. (^_^) Indeed, its not drying, after washing my face. It felt that my face is smooth and clean, and felt different from the other cleansers i used before. It definitely brighten up my skin, and it also make make-up application easier. 

Su Hyang Snow Balancing Fluid

Light weight fluid that adjust the skin balance Ginseng Willow Birch Tree Sap supplies energy and revives the skin's youthful condition.

It also contain skin-friendly Macadamia Nut oil for nourishing. 

Su Hyang Snow Intensifying Essence

Combining reputable brightening oriental herbs and latest technology, this radiance- boosting line restores clarity and energy from a dull, stressed skin.

Its really great for all skin type, especially on my skin since i really hate using cream based product, it irritates my skin and i kinda hate the sticky feeling if i used a cream based product.... while su hyang snow intensifying essence is a water magnet gel essence totally water based.

Nail Care

Honestly speaking im not good on putting nail polish or nail colors on my nails...hehehehe i rely on nail parlor to do it for me, or else ill let my fingers hurt .. (^_^) but i do have strange hobby in collecting nail colors..

I just love this 3 shades the most....

The Face Shop Plus +1 Lip Care Stick in Pomegranate

Knowing my obsession for lip glosses, its irritating when applying gloss on chapped or dry lips. I've found a compelling need to constantly apply lipbalm to keep my lips from cracking.

I'd say that this lipbalm is a convenient, must have lip care stick for soft and healthy lips. With non sticky, light weight formula that contains Macadamia Nut oil, Petroleum jelly, castor oil.

The Face Shop Fruit Jelly Tube

The first time that i smell such a sweet lip gloss. Too sweet that you can really feel like chewing the whole tube (^_^) ...

This gloss is very shiny which can provide lots and lots of shine to even the very dull lips and bring back its shine perfectly....   

So thats all for me....... hope you all like it as well as i did   (^_^)

[Info] The Most Handsome South Korea Male Artist

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repost:   KHJ Baidu

Recently a Korean website did a survey on 2011 Most Handsome South Korea Male Artist, chosen by the netizens. Korea's hottest drama 'Secret Garden' main male actor Hyunbin captures many female fans,and won the first position.

Kim Hyun Joong who is popular in Asia took the second position with his popularity, which shows the strength of a popular idol.

'Hallyu Star' Song Seung Heon who star in TV drama 'My Princess' with only general viewing, whose charm did not lose by the other 2, took third position.

Top 25 Most Handsome South Korea Male Artist chosen by Netizen 2011:

1    Hyunbin

2    Kim Hyun Joong

3    Song Seung Heon

4    Kim Jae Joong

5    Jung il-woo

6    Yoo Ah-in

7    Park Yoo Chun

8    Lee Seung Gi

9    Lee Min Ho

10  Jang Geun Suk

11  Kim Bum

12  Song Joongki

13  Nickhun

14  Jung Yonghwa

15  Lee Hongki

16  Rain

17  Taecyeon

18  Bae Yong Jun

19  Kwon Sang-woo

20  So Ji-sub

21  Won Bin

22  Yoo Seung Ho

23  No Min Woo

24  Lee Junki

25  Choung Kyung Ho 

[Photo] KHJ @ Asian Games Opening Ceremony

i just love this day, just found lot of stuff for Kim Hyun Joong....

credit: + hyunniespexers

02-17-2011 KHJ for The Face Shop

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[Photo] KHJ - New Promotional Poster for The Face Shop

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My TFS Calendar 2011

Finally!!! i already got my Face Shop calendar 2011, its been months that ive been chasing this calendar... and just earlier this afternoon i finally received it... thanks to The Face Shop, Ayala Center Cebu.... (^_^)