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[Video] Kim Hyung Jun - "I Love You" Drama Ep.09 (Cut) [14.05.12]

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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - SBS Entertainment Twitter Site Update [14.05.12]

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - YAHOO! Celeb Mission Interview (for Korean Fans)

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[Fanpix] Kim Hyun Joong - Departure at Beijing Int'l. Airport, China heading back to Korea [13.05.12]

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - Beijing Press Conference [13.05.12] by SOHU

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - 2012 Fanmeeting in Chengdu, China Official Promo Vid

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[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong - Will reveal a ‘secret’ song for Beijing FM on 10th June

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13th May, Korean pop star Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Beijing to promote for his upcoming Asia tour in China cities beginning on 1st June – Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. After the press conference, Kim Hyun Joong sat down to have an interview with and expressed his anticipation for his fanmeeting tour in China. He also reveals that this time, he will be bringing more surprises for Chinese fans, performing over 15 songs, would also be the best present for fans.

Although Kim Hyun Joong seemed to be really worn out by his tight schedules in the past few days, he rushed to the press conference immediately as he touched down in Beijing. However, once the interview started, he greeted all staffs at the scene politely, humming to songs while letting his make-up artist do the touch up, he appeared to be really cute. He was all alert during the video recording and also greeted staffs friendly in Chinese.

It’s not the first time he came to China for promotion, Kim Hyun Joong expressed with regrets for not being able to visit the city, “I think if i have the time, i would like to visit the ancient buildings in Beijing, and look at more things.” This is his first official china tour, after seeing so many fans came to support him that dya, he expressed his much anticipation, “i did not dare to think that all the good seats were all sold out within 20mins after ticket sale started, this is the best rapport i get from the fans.”

When mentioned about the choice of city for the tour, Kim Hyun Joong stated that he look forward to Chengdu the most, because he will be the first Korean artist to stage a mini concert there. Also ‘it’s the city of Panda’. Kim Hyun Joong came to China for ‘fanmeeting’, thus of course there will be interactions with fans, however, specific details are still under discussion, therefore he did not reveal too much. Nevertheless, he assured that fans would get to enjoy a really awesome 2.5 hours of sing/dance performance. He will perform songs from his solo mini albums, as well as songs that Fans have never heard before. Kim Hyun Joong modestly said that his Chinese speaking is not good, so he was unable to prepare any songs in Chinese, but believes that 15 songs would be able to let the fans have an enjoyable night.

Q : What’s your impression of Beijing?
KHJ : I felt regretful that even though i was here many times, but Beijing is really big and i did not have the time to walk around. As every time i came due to my work schedule and need to leave in a short while. However, if i have any free time, i would like to see the ancient buildings of Beijing and many more. Most importantly, my first impression was that everyone seemed to be really busy, and then traffic jams, but it seems that everyone is happy, so this is a busy, fast paced city.

Q : What’s yout feeling to stage a fanmeet in China for the first time?
KHJ : I felt really happy, this is my first time doing this kind of interview here, didn’t even think that front row seats are all sold out within 20 mins. This is the best support and encouragement i received from fans. Thus, i feel that i will give my best for a perfect stage for everyone.

Q : Why did you pick Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai?
KHJ : If i had a chance, i would actually visit more countries and citis, have as much interactions with fans as possible. Showing everyone more on stage, but due to limit and schedule , so i picked the bigger cities, Shanghai, beijing, guangzhou and chengdu. As for chengdu, i heard i would be the first korean artist to perform there, also it’s where pandas live, thus i really look forward to my visit there and really want to have a performance in Chengdu.

Q : Will there be a different part or special arrangement for each of the cities?
KHJ : Right now we are still discussion, but as different cities have different laws to obey, we are still working on it. According to which would be the best way for each city and how to present more entertainment and visual impacts.

Q : What’s the concept for this tour? What are the differences with previous concert?
KHJ : Concert this time round differs from fanmeet, larger stage or more songs, then with some of my new singles, which are not heard before, or remix song. So will be able to see a lot of different things mixed inside. Wish to share 2 happy hours with fans.

Q : This time is more focused on fanmeeting?
KHJ : no, this is a complete show, concert show, that’s why there will be 15 songs, an upgraded level.

Q : Will this time still be more on dancing?
KHJ : This time will be more than that, not only my dance, but laser show, and more activities. I also inserted interaction stages with fans, so a lot of different levels will be showcased.

Q : It’s not long after your solo debut, will there be any songs from previous group activitis?
KHJ : Mostly songs from my solo career.

Q : What about singing other people’s songs?
KHJ : As it’s my first solo concert, thus i will be performing my own songs. Since i dont come to china often, so i have prepared songs that fans never heard before, of different genre.

Q : Will you sing chinese songs?
KHJ : No, the main thing is to show everyone a different show, and as for time constraints, we will do our best to focus on the core materials.

Q : You debuted as a singer cum dancer, your style has been focusing on this all along, willyou consider other styles in future?
KHJ : In the future i will, there will also be dance songs, because it all boils down to showcase a greater charisma on stage, as for song part, i would attempt more ballads. In fact, different genres are included in each album, so will still presents different genres of music in future.

Q : About acting, what kind of roles do you want to challenge?
KHJ : I would be acting a very manly character this time round, as i was always acting a very gentle image previously, therefore i would like to challenge a rough guy, tough, strong manly role. This is what i will be acting in ‘City of Conquest’, i will put all my heart into this piece of work. I know China has lots of excellent directors and actors, if there’s a chance, i would like to interact with them and learn from them, would like to come to China to film drama in future.

Reporter : Wish you a successful fanmeet!
KHJ : Thank You.

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Departure at HK Int'l. Airport Heading China [13.05.12] by Hyuniversal0606

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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - Twitter Site Update [14.05.12]

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[Fanpix] Kim Hyun Joong - 2012 Asia Fanmeeting in HK [12.05.12] by willpower

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