Saturday, March 19, 2011

[Video] 19.03.11 Park Jung Min - Singapore Fan Sign Event

handsome jung min... ^ ^ i wish i was there, but still im so lucky to watch this vid seems like i was there too.... ^ ^

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong's solo album in May....SS501 is Solo Generation

there's 2 reason why im so excited of the month of MAY to come, first would be, May is the month of my special day hehehe and lastly, its time for hyun joong to surface and launch his solo album.... isnt it exciting? (^_^)

'It's Kim Hyun-joong's turn'

Kim Hyun-joong of ss501 has finally started on his solo album after a long await of his solo debut.

According to Kim Hyun-joong, this coming May, he will officially act as a solo singer. He focused on his acting last year in the drama "Playful Kiss". This will be the first time he will show himself as a solo singer besides his part in the group ss501.

According to his company Key East Entertainment, he is currently choosing out the most significant songs out of about a 100 of them. He has also chosen to release an official album instead of the relatively risky digital or mini album. Kim Hyun-joong's idea of his solo album is very sincere.

A spokesperson explained he is finishing up the last of his album and as much as this is the first time as a solo singer, he will show off ballads, dance and many different songs.

Kim Hyeon-joons solo act will be the forth of the members from the group ss501, after Park Jung-min with "Not Alone", Heo Yeong-saeng who debuts solo this end of the month, and Kim Hyung-joon who signed up with Japanese Avex and will debut this comong march.

So besides Kim Gyoo-jong, who will be stepping forward as an actor, all the members from ss501 will perform as solo singers.

[Video] 18.03.11 Kim Hyung Jun - KBS Sponge

credits:  Babyjunnie501@youtube

[Photo] Park Jung Min - Singapore Press Conference 18.03.11

jung min such a handsome guy... ^ ^


[Video] 18.03.11 Kim Hyung Jun - KBS Ent. time Star Life Theater Stalker Ep.1

actually im waiting for the translation of this video but for me hope u all enjoy watching baby coz i enjoyed it too, its so cute seeing kibum wearing a headband that is yellow in color... ^ ^

credits:  HJfan2@youtube

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - HANG TEN

wish to see hyun joong more and more each day...

credits:  Hang Ten @ twitter

[news] Kim Hyung Jun's Selca pics

youre still handsome baby... ^ ^

credits: Osen + + Only Jun ( ) (translation) +

After the “reverse selca” of singer Kim Hyung Jun whom first debuted with group SS501, was circulated, it attracted the attention of people.

Recently Kim Hyung Jun’s pictures that were circulated via online community sites have made people relate to a garment CF, the “male deity” Kim Hyung Jun’s appearance as well as his comical yet bizarre expressions pleased anyone who saw his look. Especially in two pictures whereby Kim Hyung Jun showed two expressions in stark contrast, netizens showed their interests and called it “reverse selca”.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun’s charismatic yet provocative dance choreography in oH! aH! on stage has become a discussion topic. Kim Hyung Jun will be launching his large-scale promotion with Japan as his starting point while still carrying out activities within the country (S.Korea).