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[News] Kim Hyun Joong - Awes fellow cast members with his good looks on ‘Barefoot Friends’ [21.04.13]


On the first broadcast of SBSBarefoot Friends‘, the cast members took some time to get to know each other. Ahead of the their first expedition, they filmed a virtual greeting to their fellow teammates, sending them to everyone on the cast list.

Hilariously, nearly everyone who watched Kim Hyun Joong‘s message had only one thing to say. “He’s really good-looking,” said Yoon Si Yoon, Eunhyuk, and Kim Bum Soo.

Kim Hyun Joong had more to say, however. “It’s been a while since I’ve promoted in Korea,” he said. “I think my unique character, which hasn’t been seen in a long time, will bring joy on Sunday nights.”

Perhaps because of his good looks, he ended up getting the most replies from the cast members to his virtual message, ahead of the cast’s departure to Vietnam.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong - The ‘Barefoot Friends’ find themselves in a desert for the first episode [21.04.13]


To mark the first episode of the highly-anticipated SBS variety program ‘Barefoot Friends‘, the cast found themselves bound and their eyes covered, being transported to a mysterious location.

When they took off their eye masks, however, they were greeted with a startling sight: miles upon miles of red sand, and a desert landscape as far as the eyes can see.

After they got over their initial shock, they were given the mission to ‘live life as one of the Vietnamese natives’, along with the revelation that they were expected to live on whatever they earned through their new careers.

Although shocked at first, the cast soon warmed up to the premise. “I think it’ll be a trip to remember,” Kang Ho Dong said.

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[Photo] Heo Young Saeng - 'SUMMER SNOW' Musical in TOKYO Poster

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