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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - THEFACESHOP Weibo Update [03.03.13]


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[Media Pix+News] Kim Hyun Joong - 'UNLIMITED' Japan Tour 2013 in Tokyo attended by 12,000 Fans [03.03.13]

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - 'UNLIMITED' Japan Tour 2013 in Tokyo [03.03.13] by MurdererQ


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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong - Tidbits from 'UNLIMITED' Japan Tour 2013 [03.03.13]

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From MiuMiu:

First song HEAT. Now Rize Up. KHJ starting off with his Japanese rock songs

KHJ Japan Tour. Now he's performing Save Today!!

Next up for KHJ Japan Tour: kiss kiss! 

KHJ singing Korean version of Kiss Kiss.

KHJ now talking in Japanese.

Ok Japanese was greeting only. Now he's talking Korean with interpreter. Haha

Audience laughing. KHJ must be showing his 4Dness again.

Next up Smile.

Smile ended. Now it's back to talking .... Audience laughing

Singing Marry Me now.

U. ❤ 

U ended. Fans still screaming. He said arigatogozaimasu.

KHJ talking.

Singing I'm Yours.

Said arigatogozaimasu again after Im Yours ended. Now it's lets party.

KHJ talking again after Let's Party ended.

Do You like That.

Band sounding so nice with Do You Like That. Now it's Lucky Guy

KHJ talking after Lucky Guy extended version.

If You're Like Me!!!

I'm Your Man!!



Your Story!

Please Be Nice To Me! (revised version added with soft rap)

Love like This!!

He's breathing heavily while talking but our HJ is full of stamina and used to this already. Those deep diving adventures help a lot.

Another SS501 song! Let me be the one!!

Encore Let's Party

Do You Like That again.

Lucky Guy again!

Heavy drum beats from the band...audience singing along to Lucky Guy..

Another encore song. Your Story.

Breakdown again!

KHJ sang a total of 24 songs today including 5 encore songs! Singing and dancing...that's tough! Concert lasted 2 hours 30 min!

KHJ's song list for today.
2. Rize Up
3. Save Today
4. Kiss Kiss Korean Version
5. Smile
6. Marry Me
7. U -suspended in the air
8. I'm Yours
9. Let's Party
10. Do You Like That
11. Lucky Guy -extended with dance
12. If You're Like Me
13. I'm Your Man
14. Please
15. Breakdown
16. Your Story
17. Please Be Nice To Me -rap
18. Love Like This
19. Let Me Be The One
20. Let's Party
21. Do You Like That
22. Lucky Guy
23. Your Story
24. Breakdown

From Lafone:

HJ's last message:

In your life, I may be a passenger 4 someone, but I'd like to make it important the bonds with you. For someone I may be the person who remain in their heart. Even I am a passenger 4 you, I will live to keep this precious relationship deep in my heart, being honest and a hard worker.

HJ danced Break Down twice, Pls be nice to me which we really wanted to see.

Encore Break Down

HJ responded to our expectation more than 300%, going around the venue twice in the air & in the moving car.

[Fanpix] Kim Hyun Joong - 'UNLIMITED' Japan Tour 2013 [03.03.13]

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