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[Video] Heo Young Saeng - Heo Young Saeng featured with other Kpop notables in Show Champion News [27.03.13]

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[Video] Heo Young Saeng - YS & SHINee at Show Champion (BTS)

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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - FC Avengers Soccer Match [23.03.13] by HaibaraAii

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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - SPD Charity Show in Singapore [17.03.13] by So-in

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[Media Pix] Heo Young Saeng - 'Show Champion'


[Photo] Heo Young Saeng - Featured in KOREA FUN Newspaper [27.03.13]

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[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong - 韩流飓风 (KOREANSTARS) ' (2013.02) (China Mag) [27.03.13] by a-hlia

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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong - Creator's Factory ― ‘Best Actor Award’ with 『Lucky Guy』 M/V at 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival

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Source 2:  KHJ's Official Japan Homepage , HENECIA Japan
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 'Creator's Factory', a project in discovering talents, composes of various award categories for its final competition to be held on March 28, including, 'Creator's Factory Best New Creator', 'Creator's Factory Best Actor', 'Creator's Factory Best Actress', as well as a 'Creator's Factory Special Award'.

Amongst a total of 138 works, Kim Hyun Joong, who starred in music video 『Lucky Guy』 has been awarded the 'Creator's Factory - Best Actor' award.

Creator's Factory Award Ceremony

  • Date: March 28 (Thursday)

  • Time: 2PM ~ 3:30PM (JST)

  • Venue: Okinawa Convention Center, Theater 2

Creator's Factory - New Creator Award : 『おだやかな日常(Odayaka na Nichijō)』 Producer ・Protagonist 
- Sugino Kiki

Creator's Factory - Best Actor : 『Lucky Guy』 Protagonist 
- Kim Hyun Joong

Creator's Factory - Best Actress : 『おだやかな日常(Odayaka na Nichijō)』 Protagonist 
- Sugino Kiki

Creator's Factory - Special Award : 『コーポにちにち草のくらし(Kōpo nichi nichi kusa no kurashi)』 Director ・ Script Writer 
- Wakai Manami

Creator's Factory Award Ceremony (※ Awardees to be standing on podiums)

When : March 28 (Thurs), 2PM ~ 3:30PM

Venue : Okinawa Convention Center, Theater 2

[Scan] Park Jung Min - Featured in Japanese Magazine [27.03.13]


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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong - Shines Brightly at Japan Tour

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Kim Hyun Joong finally concluded his Japan tour with a successful last concert in Hiroshima.

The singer’s ‘Japan Tour 2013 Unlimited’ came to a successful conclusion in Hiroshima on March 25. The tour kicked off on January 6th in Kobe, and had shows in Saitama, Nagoya, Shizuoka, Miyagi, Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo, which pulled in a total of 60,000 fans.

The tickets for his shows were sold out much earlier, and Kim Hyun Joong had to add more cities to his itinerary due to the endless requests from a great number of fans.

Kim Hyun Joong focused on ‘sharing’ and ‘communication’ with his fans in the concerts and devoted himself in making the best shows ever. Not only did he perform at major arenas and stadiums, he also stepped in smaller venues to have more intimate time with his fans.