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[Video] Park Jung Min - "Fondant Garden" Ep.9 (Preview) [17.04.12]

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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong - JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong encourages Kim Hyun Joong with a letter

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A letter written by JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong to Kim Hyun Joong has become an issue.

In the episode of MBC’s K-Pop Star Shakes the World–Lucky Guy Kim Hyun Joong which aired on April 17, Kim Hyun Joong shows his particularly close relationship with JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong.
The stars are seen having a meal together and frankly sharing about their stories for they haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Kim Hyun Joong says, “We have lived together for a year, but because we are both busy with activities abroad, the actual time we’ve spent together is only about a month.

 When I was going through a hard time, Jae Joong hyung wrote me a letter. He said, ‘If there’s anything bothering you, don’t keep it to yourself. I’m there for you.’ I was so grateful for that letter.” He expresses his gratitude to Jae Joong.

On hearing this, Kim Jae Joong replies, “I received a letter back from Hyun Joong which read, ‘I’m sorry and thank you, hyung.’ I know it’s pretty awkward for guys to communicate with a letter, but still…” and laughed out loud.

Netizens who saw the episode commented: “I knew they were close but never expected them to be this close. How sweet of Kim Jae Joong to write a letter for Kim Hyun Joong?” “I’m so envious. I wish I had a friend like him.” “These two Hallyu stars’ friendship is so impressive. Kim Jae Joong’s letter is so sweet.”

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[Video] Kim Hyung Jun - "I Love You" Drama Features on K-STAR News [16.04.12]

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[Merchandise] Kim Hyun Joong - 2012 STAR COLLECTION CARDS

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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong - How Korean TV drama ‘Playful Kiss’ flopped locally but hit globally

viki was my source when PK was aired.. it was the fastest in bringing english sub... but nowadays i cant watch PK thru viki.

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Every TV network executive in Burbank cries into their organic kombucha from time to time about the great show that just couldn’t find an audience, whether it be from unlucky scheduling quirks or creative concepts that were just too far ahead of their time.

And it’s not just a domestic issue — the producers of Korea’s Playful Kiss saw their youth drama succumb to an inauspiciously short local-TV run back in the fall of 2010, going up against hit time-period competition from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (“Gumiho” translates into “nine-tailed fox,” a Chinese mythic figure, if that helps).

Like Terra Nova, that Knight Rider remake a few years back, or any show starring Christian Slater, Playful Kiss might have been headed to the junk pile of so-called “broken series” — shows that made it past the pilot stage but didn’t live long enough to accumulate a syndication library. But Playful Kiss is proving to be more like Arrested Development, a low-rated but critically beloved Fox comedy that was such a popular streaming choice on Netflix, the company decided last year to resume production of the show.

Through global TV streaming service ViKi, Playful Kiss has become somewhat of a worldwide sensation, garnering a loyal audience of nearly 7 million viewers and more than recouping a modest production spend of under $1 million several million dollars to make 16 episodes.

According to Razmig Hovaghimian, CEO of ViKi, which is based in Singapore but keeps an office near its Bay Area funding, the show has been streamed more than 70 million times by ViKi users, about 1,400 of whom have used the site’s innovative group subtitling tool to translate the show into 56 languages.

The series, about a quirky high school girl whose family moves into the home of a popular boy she has a crush on following an earthquake, has garnered an audience that’s 70 percent non-Asian, Hovaghimian said. Ample viewership, for example, has come through a ViKi syndication partnership with Hulu in the U.S., while producer Group 8 has already worked with YouTube on a follow-up digital series.

Supplied to ViKi under barter advertising terms, Group 8 has recouped $400,000 in ad revenue to date through the service, while the global exposure of the series has enabled the company to take in another $3.5 million through a dozen foreign broadcast deals.

Sums up Group 8 CEO  Song Byung Joon: ”ViKi helped Playful Kiss find its audience.”

[Photo] Park Jung Min - "Fondant Garden" Official Facebook Site Update [17.04.12]

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[Photo] Park Jung Min - "Fondant Garden" Official Facebook Site Update [17.04.12]

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[Scan] Park Jung Min - 1st Variety Photobook

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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - Twitter Site Update [17.04.12]

is choco sick?

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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong - Expresses His Disinterest in Acting [16.04.12]

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Kim Hyun Joong expressed his disinterest in acting when he first debuted as an actor. He’s long been criticized for his lack of acting skills, despite earning a number of lead roles due to his pretty face and popularity.

On the April 14 episode of MBC “K-Pop Star in the World – Lucky Guy Kim Hyun Joong,” the star actor/singer revealed his true feelings about the acting criticism. He said, “To be honest, and I’m sorry to all the sunbaes or people studying acting now, but I started out with absolutely no interest in acting. That’s probably why there were so many criticism on my acting in the early part of my career.”

Song Byung Joon, the director of Kim Hyun Joong’s two main dramas, “Boys over Flowers” and "Playful Kiss,” added, “His (Kim Hyun Joong) reading was literally just ‘reading’ the script. He read it like elementary school students reading their textbooks in class. At first the scriptwriter was frustrated. So we talked about it and I told the scriptwriter that since Kim Hyun Joong does not know what a ‘script reading’ session is, let’s try and wait to pull out his potential.”

Yang Yoon Ho, the producer of “Iris,” also said, “Of course I love Kim Hyun Joong, but the reason we bet on him is pretty clear. He has huge potential to become a mega star and he really takes good care of him. His popularity now puts no pressure on him and he’s able to control everything. Even if his popularity grows, he seems like a person who will be able to handle it.”

Since his debut as part of SS501, Kim Hyun Joong expanded his resume to acting by appearing in the 2009 KBS drama “Boys over Flowers.” In 2010, he appeared in his second TV series, MBC “Playful Kiss.”

However, due to his lack of experience, many critics pointed to his poor acting skills and unclear articulation. There were also concerns that he lacked the charisma and leadership to play the lead role in any TV drama. But he’s been able to significantly improve his acting over the years and is now considered one of the very few idol stars with the star power to single-handedly lead a TV show.

[Photo] KIm Hyun Joong - Floorplan for 2012 KHJ's Asia Fanmeeting in HK

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[Media Pix] Park Jung Min - 2012 Birthday in Japan [30.03.12] by asian hana

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[Scan] Park Jung Min - KEJ Magazine Vol.100 [17.04.12] by makiko

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[Photo] Park Jung Min - PJM's Autograph during ASIAN HEARTBEAT Music Festival 2012 in Japan [14.04.12] by asian hana

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[Screencap] Kim Hyung Jun - "I Love You" Drama Ep.01 (Cut) [16.04.12] by ss601

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