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[Photo] SS501's Young Saeng, Kyu Jong & Hyung Jun - Photo Shared by Steven Lee via Instagram [01.05.13]

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[Pix+Trans] Kim Kyu Jong - Twitter Site Update [01.05.13]

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Pretties~~~ really really really thank you!! Let's have good intentions when we wake up every morning and care for each other~~~♥ Really miss you..!! Hi bye!!~ in celebration of 501day today and bye~♥ 

 @2kjdream: 이쁜이들~~~정말 정말 정말 고마워요 !! 우리 매일아침 눈뜰때마다 좋은생각하며 즐겁게 서로를 위하자~~~♥ 정말 보고싶다 .. !! 안녕 뿅 !! ~ 오늘은 501 day 를 축하하며 안녕~ ♥

[Info] Heo Young Saeng - B2M Notice: will attend MBC Korea-China Diplomatic Relations 31th Anniversary Concert on May 3rd

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Subject: [Notice] May 3(Fri) MBC Korea-China Diplomatic Relations 31th Anniversary Concert

< MBC Korea-China Diplomatic Relations 31th Anniversary Concert >

Date: May 3rd, 2013 (Fri) 19:00

Location: Incheon Freedom Park special stage

Fan seating is in the process of verification.
The Art of Seduction activity after a long time, the opportunity to meet the seed of Heo Young Saeng onstage!
Don't miss out ~!

[Sponsor] Park Jung Min - EVISU Shirt

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - SBS Good Sunday 'Barefoot Friends' Ep.03 (Preview)

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[Media Pix] Kim Hyun Joong - Arrival at Incheon Airport back from Indonesia [30.04.13]

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[Fanpix] Kim Hyun Joong - 'Barefoot Friends' Films in Indonesia [29.04.13] by raraoctaf

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[Pix+Fan A/C] Kim Hyun Joong - 'Barefoot Friends' Films in Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Thanks to Ida for sending her fan account during HJ's 'Barefoot Friends' shooting in Indonesia... Thanks!

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From Ida:


This is Ida, an Indonesian Triple S. Maybe some of you know me as colorfullshine of youngsaengfacts. Even Young Saeng is my main bias, Hyun Joong was the one who drag me into kpop. Thanks to him.

After the official news mentioned that Barefoot friends will shoot some episodes in Indonesia, i got so excited... But i never know that held in Jogja.. 

D-1, 6 am...

i got panic!!! Hyun Joongie oppa will visit Indonesia... I must fetch him at airport!! but few hours later, my friend of mine sent message via whatsapp that Hyun Joong will got connecting flight to Jogja. So, i decided to go to Jogja. Thanks God, im in holiday.

I went to Jogja with 2 other tripleS, Vivin unnie of Henecia_indo and Anna.

I took 15 hours to reach Jogja from Jakarta. We arrived at 7am on D2 shooting. My friend got info that the barefoot team had a breakfast in a padangnese restaurant named Argo Minang. We went there as fast as we can. there was some fans. i cant notice if they are Triple S, Henecians, ELFs or UEE's fans. We met Henecians unnies from Hongkong. 

The cast came out from the restaurant.. Kang Ho Dong waved to the fans... Hyun Joongie looked fine.. especially his face. But, he didn't even look to fans who was waiting for him... i'm so sad. He went straight to his mini bus.. but he took the wrong one. Kang Ho Dong told him about it and he chuckled.

They headed to Kasongan, a pottery village. there was many fans waiting them there. Many of them use motorcycle. I dont know why the team only spend short time there. and they headed back to Inna Garuda hotel, where the staffs stayed during the filming.

In afternoon, they splited the crews to some location.. My friends and I only can go to 1 location. Bakso Ito. There was no Hyun Joong there... only Yoon Si Yoon. The crowd was big. Big enough to make traffic jam. even non fans also watch the shooting process. We got info that HyunJoong and UEE was washing motorcyles in Giwangan. Its hard to get there because of traffic.  So, we decided to go back to their hotel.

Suddenly, a minibus came and park in front of lobby hotel. not usual place. No one came out. Then, someone opened its window. He's Kim Bum Soo. He talked to staff and then the minibus left the hotel.

We left the hotel and took dinner. when we arrived at home, we heard that Hyun Joong walked alone in Malioboro. He's using casual clotes and avoid the spotlight. He met PD and have a good time together.

The casts lived in native house. Hyun Joong cant sleep. Maybe because of mosquitos.. He came out from the house and walked around at 2 am in morning. He asked the PD why it is dark. =_________=

Day 3

After have a proper goodbye with the villagers, they headed to the next destination, a beach in Wonosari. Its a new beach with a fisherman village. its about 2-3 hours driving from Jogja. They spent one night there. Because it's close filming, we cant go near. so, we decided to go back n having fun in alun-alun kidul.

Day 4

At first, we didnt want to stalk because we arent sure about the location and how to get there. but around 11 am, my friend send me message that they're in Prambanan temple and after that they will go to alun-alun kidul. so, we decided to go to alun-alun than Prambanan and waited them there.
The casts came with becak, a traditional transportation. 1st becak was UEE and Yoo Se Yoon. The 2nd was Kang Ho Dong and Kim Hyun Joong. They paid the transportation fee together.

Then, they run into the table that the staff provided under twin beringin. They had a chit chat.. The casts picked villagers from the crowd. They got handshakes and signatures. HyunJoong picked the villagers 2 times. Hyun Joong raised high his arm like want to hug someone. and when the villager came, he bowed while shaked his hand and said annyeonghaseyo... It seems that he had a good time.

After filming, The casts headed a restaurant named "Superstar" by Andong, a cart that drives by a horse. We didnt follow them there. We took time to order our tickets to go back to Jakarta on the next day.

After that we wanted to spend our time as a tourists, so we went to Malioboro for shopping and eating dinner. Suddenly, we saw a huge crowd. we came closer and noticed that BareFoot team was there. they filmed the last scenes. I saw Hyun Joong baked something. And after it's done, they left to Airport.

From Ida:

That's all of my fangirling trip.

Im quite dissapointed that this filming didnt explore the authentic cultures in Jogja. In Indonesia, you can find padangnese and meatball (bakso) restaurants in every corners. Why did they try them as a mission?? Why didnt they choose angkringan, gudeg or nasi kucing?

the preparation was really bad.. they canceled to filming in some of our mascot tourism because of license and have a hard time to manage fans. 

My gratitude goes to Kiki of 501machine, Cita of TripleSkaltim and Indah who made this trip came true. Thankyu girlSS...

[Fancams] Kim Hyun Joong - 'Barefoot Friends' Filming Sites in Indonesia [29.04.13] by colorfullshine

A lot of thanks to Ida for sending me her fancams and her fan a/c with HJ!.

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[Fancam] Kim Hyung Jun - Music High [30.04.13] by I Love Hyun

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