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[Video] Heo Young Saeng - Let It Go MV

waaaahh!!! Daebak!!

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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - Metro Seoul Newspaper [11.05.11]

nice! nice!

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[Video] Park Jung Min - A-PORT (Bang Channel) Exclusive Interview [11.05.11]

luv it! thanks to iamsom for sharing the link.

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[Photo] Heo Young Saeng - in Happy Together

me wanna watch it!!!!

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[Info] Heo Young Saeng - 'Let It Go' Mini Album 'Song Lyrics'

just want to share this... thanks to iamsom for sharing the links... ^ ^

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[Fancam] Heo Young Saeng - Leaving "Happy Together" Studio

ayeeee!! so handsome!! ^ ^

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[Photo] Park Jung Min - Apple Daily 名表志

nice watch!

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Park Jung Min, choosing watch according to own’s mood. South Korea boyband SS501 Park Jung Min ‘There is a Marc By Marc Jacobs shop near my beauty center in Korea, one day, there is a 10 minutes break for me to shop, after i saw this watch and found it cute so i bought it. When i buy a watch, i don’t look for any specific design or model, i will just buy it according to my mood.’

Price: 5700
(T/N: Not sure which currency)

[News] Heo Young Saeng - Solo Comeback Heo Young Saeng, 100 Million MusicVideo Unreleased Photos from a boy to a man 'Standing Solo...' 'I am YS' [11.05.11]

Young Saeng fighting!!!

credits: + B2M Ent. (photos) + (English translation)

SS501 Heo YoungSaeng will be standing as solo. He will be starting his activities with the release of his first solo album <Let It Go> on 12-May. Prior to the start of his activities, Heo YoungSaeng’s agency released unreleased photos of his music video, which you can feel his charm from it. Recently in the filming in a venue at NamYang-ju, GyeongGi-do, he showed a more matured image from a boy to a man. With fine cars and luxurious setting, the total production fee cost over 100million won.

SportsHankook will release the unreleased photos of the music video, showing the real Heo YoungSaeng, who will be returning with a strong scent of manhood.

Returned as a man

In the clay-like darkness, Heo YoungSaeng is singing. Dandy suit and sunglass suits him very well. The main vocal in SS501, you will be able to hear his outstanding vocal in this song too.

One more (drink)!

Heo YoungSaeng sitting alone at the high class bar. From his look of as if shouting for ‘one more (drink)’, we can see him burying in loneliness.

I am YS!

Under the vibrant lighting and backdrop, Heo YoungSaeng doesn’t feel intimidated and shows his dance choreography. At the top of the backdrop has ‘YS’ inscribed on it, which are the initials symbolizing himself.

Model pose

Heo YoungSaeng lost in thoughts during the filming. Even while the dancers are talking, he kept his mouth closed. We can feel the figure of a model from his serious look.

Seeking a twist

Heo YoungSaeng is the main vocal in the group. Many fans were surprised when it was known that he will make his comeback with a dance song. Because they are expecting a sad ballad. He said “The comeback would be meaningless if there is no complete change.” And standing by his decision. The result of his difficult practices is that he will be able to show his excellent dance.

It is the start now

Finishing the filming, Heo YoungSaeng and the dancers walked away from the filming set. Seldom seen smiling, he also regained a bright smile as he is contented with the filming.

He will start his activities with KBS 2TV <Music Bank> on 13-May.

[News] Heo Young Saeng - "Kim Hyun Joong was almost burned to death because of me" Surprising Confession

i just dont know how to react wether to laugh or not..but one think that marks me on YS confession, that when he dashed into his house and worried about Hyun Joong who is still sleeping... (^_ ^)

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Re-post with full credits.

SS501 member Heo YoungSaeng revealed the story with his same group member Kim HyunJoong.

Heo YoungSaeng appeared in KBS2 ‘Happy Together’ to be broadcasted on 12-May and opened up the talk “I normally lit up candles in my house and drink (alcohol) with Kim HyunJoong. I received a call unexpectedly by a friend who asked for a meet up, so I left Kim HyunJoong who was sleeping in the house and went out.”

He continued “I went out to meet my friend outside for quite a while, then I was being contacted that ‘my house was on fire’, so I rushed back home and saw the 119 fire engine in front of my house making a big fuss. I was so worried about Kim HyunJoong who was sleeping inside the house, so I dashed into my house and Kim HyunJoong was sleeping safe and sound despite the fire. Fortunately, my house wasn’t burnt badly.”

“I am very sorry to Kim HyunJoong who almost died because of me, but it became a story for Kim HyunJoong to talk about in broadcast shows and laughed at it.” Heo YoungSaeng confessed, bring a burst of laughter in the bathhouse.

[Photo] Park Jung Min - in Thailand

nice one!

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[Scans] Kim Hyung Jun - Trendy Magazine No.23

charming junnie!!!

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[Notice] Kim Hyun Joong - KeyEast Notice About False Announcement Mail [11.05.11]


hackers still doing this??? my oh my! theyre really so bad...

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Greetings. This is the Keyeast.

We have an emergency announcement.

This afternoon, we have received a report of a <False announcement mail> sent to overseas fans to deposit 100,000 Korean won for the ‘Jeju Island Fan Meeting’.

The current Postal Saving Bank account (Account holder: Jaein Office // Account number 013102-02-456508) that is written in the mail is NOT the Keyeast account.

The official Fanclub, Henecia’s new member account is Korea Exchange Bank (Account holder: SHIN PIL SOON(HENECIA) // Account number : 611-020751-858). Please do NOT deposit to any other account.

The June 4~5th Jeju Island Fan Meeting event that is mentioned in the <False announcement mail>, is false, and has nothing to do with Keyeast. We sincerely hope there is no further financial damage for any fans.

Furthermore to prevent any damage, we urge you to contact us if you receive any similar false mail or false text message regarding fan meeting events.

Thank you.



[Scan] Playful Kiss Press Conference feature on FUN Magazine

luv it!

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[Video] Park Jung Min - JN NEOTERIC [11.05.11]

his bright smile will tell it all..  (^_^)

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Duty Free Shop Log In Pix


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[Photo] Kim Kyu Jong - Handsome even wearing plain shirt and jeans

does he lose weight???

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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong - Staff Blog from Official Mobile Site#25 [10.05.11]

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Incoming Voice Ringtone Recorded
2011.05.10   Keyeast staff SY

---omitted front part ---

Hyun Joong had recorded the incoming voice ringtone yesterday.
Hyun Joong, dressing casually and appeared cheerfully!
Right before recording, there is a simple discussion on today's recording and then the recording starts
Even if it's just recording one tone, he had practised over and over and repeatedly did the recording~

Using the phrase prepared and changing it to his own tone recording, same as always, Hyun Joong is serious while working.
The finalised recording ended, Hyun Joong holding the microphone left some sort of trace.
Something that I have promised~
The Hyun Joong that I've been looking at is impressive, definitely agree without any doubt
Things he have promised, he will keep his promise of something that he have said.
This time round, Hyun Joong keeping his promised too.

hat is this about, everyone please look forward to it~


[Media Photo] Heo Young Saeng - MV Filming

Young Saeng will rock our world soon... (^_^)

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[News] Park Jung Min - Chosen as a cosmetic model, Hallyu Star "Honey Skin" temptation [11.05.11]

i so do agree that he have a honey!

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SS501 Park Jung Min was chosen as JN Neoteric cosmetics special model.

On the 11th, JN Neoteric expressed that ‘The concept of cosmetic is based on the skin’s health and shine, and Park Jung Min who planned to visit Asia this year met with this image in all aspect, thus we choose him.’

Park Jung Min also completed the CF shooting in Seoul Gangnam on the 3rd.

JN Neoteric related staff said ‘Park Jung Min usually pays lots of attention to cosmetic. He was chosen as a model this time by chance, he knows how to convey the personal approach to skin management, and also personally involved in cosmetics container design concept, he is very concerned about it.’

JN Neoteric is adopted by stem cell culture medium, a functional cosmetics which makes the skin more healthy and glossy. JN Neoteric can be purchased on its official site ( and online sites (ebay, auction, G Market,

[Media Photo] Park Jung Min - New Endorser for JN Cosmetic

wow!! he look so fresh and so handsome... luv it

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[Photo] Park Jung Min - with Thailand Fan Meeting MC

luv it!

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[Photo] Park Jung Min - Photo Shooting for OK! Magazine

nice one!

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[Article] Park Jung Min - Healthy Skin Gave Him a Cosmetic Endorsement

wow!!! he really deserves it coz he really got a flawless skin... ^ ^

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Re-post with full credits.

Park JungMin, who is the first among SS501 members to return to the scene and starts his activities, has been chosen to be the model for JN Neoteric Cosmetics.

According to JN Neoteric representative who revealed the basis for their selection,

Park JungMin finished the poster shooting in a studio located in GangNam on 3-May, showing his good sense, he shared his personal know-hows on taking care of skin, and gained compliments for this. In addition, he also participated in the design of the containers of the cosmetics, showing his attachments for JN Neoteric.

JN Neoteric is a cosmetic that uses stem cell as its culture medium, and is available for purchase via their own homepage as well as open market.