Monday, March 14, 2011

[Info+Photo] Kim Hyun Jun Mini Album - Taiwan version

hope he could drop be here in Philippines, love to see him here... ^ ^

credits:  Universal Music Taiwan + cll_slam10

Kim Hyun Joong - 8th Story in his Official Korean Site

hmmmm, i guess leader just flaunt his present for us Pretties... his sweet sexy lollipop!! ^ ^


Today is White's Day
practised choreography and exercised already, been busy from morning till now feeling out of the situation..really sorry ^^;; Nevertheless I remember it before midnight, very sexy right.....
- -;;;;is it dirty....erm hehe
let's work hard^^


Kim Hyun Joong on Korea TV CF

so nice seeing all of Hyun Joong's CF feels like im in korea coz im watching few of there CF's...  ^ ^

credits:   shu101224@youtube

[Scan] Park Jung Min - 'Not Alone' Album Singapore edition

so nice jung minnie...  ^ ^

credits:   babyvfan ( )

[news] Kim Hyun Joong donates money to earthquake victims

Having a good looks but definitely with sincere and pure heart Hyun Joong, am i just so proud being one of his millions and millions of fans.... indeed, lets all join our hands & pray for all people in Japan


Actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong has recently donated 100 million won to the victims of the recent earthquake in Japan.

His agency in Japan, Digital Adventure (DA), asked that the money be used in the afflicted areas, and for victims with the greatest need.  Kim Hyun Joong said, “My heart hurts so much to hear about this.  I hope that everyone can stay strong.”  He also said, “Many people are joining hands in this crisis.  Everyone, please come together with one heart.

Kim Hyun Joong - Unreleased Media Photos

i wonder why this photos were not released... he  looks so good here though...

credits:  as tagged

Kim Hyun Joong featured in AERA 3 Japanese Magazine

yepey!!! so good looking hyun joong.... hope to see you soon...