Monday, February 25, 2013

[Info] Kim Kyu Jong - #501KyuDay Trends No.1 Worldwide [24.02.13]

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  1. Can you provide more background info about this piece of news. Really want to know how it related to our Lovely Kyu.

    1. hi there sorry if i may read and reply your comment a bit late since these past few months been busy day for me thats why i cant update my blog in a daily basis unlike my usual routine.... anyways, with regards to the info. that your asking, it was a birthday project for kyu wherein all TripleS fans are encourage to trend and tweet #501KyuDay, just luckily all were trending that day that we reached the no.1 that same day..... i hope i did give u that info. that you need, thanks for viewing my blog :)