Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[Trans] 14.03.11 Kim Hyun Joong - A Star Born in Cyberspace

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After the screening of “Playful Kiss”, Kim Hyun Joong was belatedly recognized by Internet users in Korea, and Kim Hyun Joong’s name became a phenomenon based on the number of hits that this drama series was obtained within 6 weeks. This led to their producers and Youtube.com out with a special edition which has become the most anticipated and talked-about drama in chatbox and other social networks. Riding on this popularity, CNN interview with Kim Hyun Joong and the people behind this drama after the initial success of the first two special episodes online, received 768,591 visits in just two days. The demand of the international community to subtitle this drama in several languages, has also been unprecedented.

Before becoming an Internet superstar, Kim Hyun Joong was a musician, who formed his own band SS501 constantly became popular in Korea and Japan. His appearance on “We Got Married” was the starting point of his career as an actor. He became a household name and landed the role of Ji Hoo in the greatest drama of 2009, “Boys Over Flowers.” Although he played a secondary roll in this popular drama, his popularity rose to unprecedented proportion desnumerando the main actors in the drama series. With it came many commercials and concerts throughout Asia.

Today, Kim Hyun Joong is considered one of the most influential names in the entertainment industry in Asia. All his movements, hair styles, clothing and accessories are being copied by his legions of fans worldwide who follow and worship him through the Internet. KH J is really the first Cyberstar of Asia!
Playful Kiss, “Kim Hyun Joong at its best.
I’ve never seen the chat so in tune with people around the world only by a Korean soap opera starring Kim Hyun Joong, a singer of the band SS501, who shot to fame through “Boys Over Flowers.” What happens?
There is a famous actor and only played a secondary role with Lee Min Ho in his latest drama. Although he can sing and dance like the other members Kband, his popularity soars to unprecedented scale, which goes beyond Korea and into all the borders of Asia, North America and South America and other places where Internet powerful can get.

What explains their success is still disturbing to many analysts and agents of entertainment. Their fans confessed that her enigmatic smile and make them look crazy. Media reporters conclude that the total package. If you ask ordinary people who barely know him say must be written in the stars. Are you destined to shine and capture the hearts and minds of millions of fans worldwide? No wonder that when “Kiss Playful” begins airing on cyberspace comes packed with young people, housewives, retirees, workers and Internet users want to watch this soap opera as if tomorrow does not arrive. His anger is understandable. They cry out for more close-ups and scenes of kissing his leading lady hates for harassing him and his love for his devotion, and shout with all honesty in the discussion box for more episodes to come.

With all due respect to the writer ¨ “Playful Kiss,” the drama is all spiced with the right ingredients of a blockbuster, but the subsequent slaughter of Kim Hyun Joong fans after he stars in this drama is epic proportion. The drama increases superstar status to make him the number one imported from Korea.


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